Y2K - The doom was imminent

As probably everybody knows, there was an awful lot of partly hair-raising horrorvisions about possible catastrophies happening at the start of the year 2000, in the historical moment when the clocks change from 23:59 to 00:00. The most widely known was that many computers would feel that they were back in the year 1900. But this did not come true - same as always - thanks to the one and only saviour of the universe, Hyperhero.
Let's look back: Shortly before midnight on the 31st of December 1999 Hyperhero was preparing for his mission which as he presumed could become rather difficult. Hyperhero is well aware of these facts; knowing everything which is no problem for a superhero with gigantic powers without end.
Then it happened: Exactly at 00:00 h Hyperhero guides mankind into the unknown, while people who trusted in Hyperhero were sure that nothing happened. Here and there he had to lend a helping hand for example with many computers which without Hyperhero would have broken down, which might have resulted in the extinction of the human race.
Besides those problems which can be recognized by normal people there was a far bigger danger which had to be tackled by Hyperhero. It would be useless to try to report or even describe this extremely complicate and dangerous power, which Hyperhero, as was to be expected, successfully surmounted because Hyperhero is the only one in the whole wide world who could understand this even roughly.
The extreme degree of hardness and the necessity of stamina of this extremely difficult rescue-mission becomes really clear when you make yourself fully aware that Hyperhero was engaged for a whole day, starting in New Zealand and finishing after 24 hours of hard labor in Alaska. This makes it evident that he had only a minimum of time for each task. Nevertheless he was as successful as ever. In this way Hyperhero mastered even this danger of which mankind was afraid of - without reason thanks to Hyperhero - and proved again his protecting powers.
Mankind should be grateful to Hyperhero, but he does not expect any hymn of praise, being modest and goodwilled.



Portrait of Hyperhero