Solar eclipse:
Heroic deed of Hyperhero
End of the world prevented for the moment

Europe, Aug 11th,1999, about 10:40 h UTC (reported from our correspondent) - Suddenly a huge shadow fell silently, like a horrible evil spirit, over mankind. Although many people could not stand this unbelievable strain Hyperhero, as always, was in full possession of his faculties even in this horrible chaos.
Hear this: The end of the world, of all mankind and of life was emminent and threatened everyone.
Hyperhero, the saviour of the whole universe, full of incredible powers, prevented the catastrophy of global extent and by this way saved the continuation of the world. Without his heroic operation the world would no longer exist today.
Immediately after the solar eclipse, Hyperhero would not comment on this quite important event, nor did he expect gratitude from mankind, because saving the world from doom is a restful routine matter for him.


Portrait of Hyperhero