Frequently Asked Questions to Hyperhero

Q: Hello, Hyperhero! How did you become a superhero?

Hyperhero : Almost since the beginning of the universe, I protect the world against the evil, to save it.

Q: Are you saving other galaxies, too?

Hyperhero : Not only this, I'm eaven saving the whole universe!

Q: Where did you get your appearance?

Hyperhero : This is the way, real super-heroes have to look like. And the cloak makes sure I will be recognized.

Q: Are there other heroes of similar kind?

Hyperhero : No, there aren't. I, Hyperhero am the only one, without me the world would be doomed.

Q: What are your special abilities?

Hyperhero : I don't want to brag, but I can accomplish nearly everything... E.g. I have unbelieveable vigour, and my intelligence surpasses the of the human race by far.

Q: Are you going to change your physical appearance?

Hyperhero : Generally not, because my appearance is already optimized to such an extent, that an improvement is hardely thinkable. Only some minor changes will be made... E.g. I changed my sunglasses lately.

Q: Could the world exist without you?

Hyperhero : A world without me would be worse than any nightmare.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Hyperhero : I will go on the same way I acted till now. There is no reason to change my attitude, because in all my life I never made a mistake.

If you have any further questions concerning Hyperhero, don't hesitate to contact Hyperhero.


Portrait of Hyperhero