Hyperhero invents the wheel

Necessity of the wheel

In the stone age, people wanting to transport something by land had to carry it or to pull it along the ground. This was a huge problem for mankind, having only limited strengths, unlike Hyperhero.

Invention of the wheel

Hyperhero, guardian of mankind, considering the technical progress of the human race, whose intelligence is quite inferior to his genius, as one of his innumerable heroic responsibilities, invented the wheel for the sake of mankind. Of course, Hyperhero at this time knew much more advanced means of transportation (e.g. intergalactic rockets, beaming devices, ...), which would exceed the mental horizons of the human race at this time by far. Therefore he confined himself to the wheel which made it possibile for the people to construct carts, carriages, and in the end even bikes, cars, trains and many other things. Therefore it is Hyperhero, and Hyperhero alone , the greatest inventor of all times, whom we owe every means of transport depending on wheels.

Gratitude of the human race

Thankful for his invaluable help concerning the technical progress, the humans honoured Hyperhero by giving him various monuments like e.g. Stonehenge.



Portrait of Hyperhero