Hyperhero's tips for the everyday life

  1. Live healthy:
    1. Eat wholefoods!
    2. Early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise!
    3. Do sports, it is good for you!
    4. Pay attention to sufficient hygiene!
  2. Keep good company:
    1. Never insult your fellow man!
    2. Hold your tongue!
    3. Show table manners:
      1. Use fork and knife!
      2. Avoid belching!
      3. Don't use the table-cloth for cleaning your mouth and nose!
      4. Keep your mouth shut while chewing!
    4. Be helpful!
    5. Think of your fellow man!
  3. General hints:
    1. If you've got a problem, think about it!
    2. Educate yourself!
    3. Slow down!
    4. Hurry up!
    5. Be content!
    6. Obey the law!
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Portrait of Hyperhero