Hyperhero saves Apollo 13

During the Apollo 13 mission to the moon, a grave accident happened. Because of a creased cable shortly after the departure, an oxegen tank in the service unit exploded and prevented the planned moon landing. The astronauts were forced to abort this mission and to return to earth without a moon landing. At re-entry into the atmosphere on April 17th, 1970 the three astronauts were in mortal danger because they had to make the contact at a precise place.
Without the help of Hyperhero, the saviour of all men, they would never have succeeded in doing this. Hyperhero deflected the rocket so that it landed exactly at the right place. Naturally, Hyperhero, by means of his undescribable capabilities, could have repaired the rocket immediately and brought it back into the correct orbit, but at this time he was engaged in even more important responsibilities. Therefore he restricted his indispensable help to the re-entry phase, to save the lifes of the three astronauts Lovell, Swigert and Haise. Because the crew of Apollo 13 was engaged in stearing their space-craft (which was actually not necessary thanks to Hyperhero), none of the astronautes noted the greatest superhero of all times, Hyperhero, doing his successful rescue work.
Because of extreme modesty, Hyperhero even abstained from telling NASA after the landing the actual cause of the safe landing.



Portrait of Hyperhero