Hyperhero extinguishes fire

Hyperhero animation

Outbreak of the Fire

Hyperhero at the place where the fire was

On Monday, May 28th, 2001 at about 13:00 UTC the following incident happened in Langenpreising (in Germany):
A man put a box filled with garbage and engine oil in the dry grass near his backyard. Then he lighted the box and went into his house for having an afternoon nap.
The fire lit the grass and spreat very fast in the dry grass.
Because this grass was near to the village, the fire endangered the adjacent houses.

Hyperhero's Intervention

Hyperhero was by change in the vicinity and noticed immediately the smell of burning due to his supernatural nose. Equipped with a 12 kg fire extinguisher, which he always takes just in case, he ran immediately to the fire.
In the meantime also some people of the neighbourhood noticed the fire, but they did not know what to do and so they were in big danger.
After having a quick look at the fire, Hyperhero extinguished it.
Because of Hyperhero's fast and perfect acting (as always) the fire did only burn some grass, but it did not burn the adjoining plots of land or houses. Nobody was injured.
A long time after Hyperhero had successfully finished this heroic task, the man who inadvertently started the fire arrived at the place (where the fire was) and claimed that he didn't light the oil. He sayed that the oil started burning by itself what is nearly impossible.


The following map shows where the village of Langenpreising, where this incident happened, is situtated.



Portrait of Hyperhero