Hyperhero Special Couch

Oblique View:

Oblique View of the Hyperhero Special Couch


Future prospects

Once again, Hyperhero, saviour of the universe, rendered mankind a huge favor:
By means of his supernatural spiritual powers he invented the one and only Hyperhero Special Couch. This Couch exeeds a regular couch thanks to Hyperhero's improvements at large. There were ordinary couches till up today for the last milleniums, but the future belongs to the Hyperhero Special Couch.


Between the seat and the back-rest the Hyperhero Special Couch has an opening which is about 0.3 m wide. Though this opening the person sitting or lying on the couch can easily roll himself in the container below the seat. This is possible without any reworking of the couch and therefore especially saving of effort. Therefore the Hyperhero Special Couch is far superior to other sleeping couch constructions, which usually require some reworking.


To insure the required stability, the Hyperhero Special Couch is made of wooden planks, which are cushioned by foam-rubber on both sides.
The thickness of the boards and the attached foam-rubber is usually 0.1 m. Both side constructions, which make up the arm rest, have a thickness of 0.2 m. The backside has in the lower parts the regular thickness of 0.1 m, but at the top a thickness of 0.4 m.
In the back-rest there is over the seat a gap of 0.3 m, which after 0.3 m curves down, entering the container below the seat, which measures 0.8 m × 2 m and has a height of 0.4 m. This results in an area of 1.6 m2, and a volume of 0.64 m3. This enables nearly everyman to stay in the container without difficulty.
The container has a second window-like opening which measures 0.4 m × 0.4 m. By way of this opening the person staying in the container gets sufficient fresh air. This opening can also be used as an emergency exit.

Costruction plans

The construction in particular and the exact measurements of the Hyperhero Special Couch can be found in the colored oblique view at the beginning of this page as well as the following drawings. If you want to magnify the drawings mentioned before, please click these.

Side view (left):

Sideview (left)

Front view:

Front view

Bird's eye view:

Bird's eye view

3-Dimensional VRML-model

Screenshot of VRML-model You can also have a look at the 3-dimensional VRML97-file showing the Hyperhero Special Couch. Its advantage is that you can spin the couch around and so you can view it from any perspective.
The VRML-Dokument is in accordance with the VRML97-standard of ISO/IEC 14772-1:1997.



Portrait of Hyperhero