Hyperhero invents the Letterpress

Even nowadays, some people claim that in the year 1445 Johannes Gutenberg invented the letterpress with flexible letters. But even this famous invention, which is considered by many people as the most important of the second millenium, originates evidently from Hyperhero, the greatest inventor of all times.
Even among scientists, some have doubts about the great achievement of Hyperhero, it is considered proven by now, that the letterpress with flexible letters was already known in Korea in the 13th century. This proves that Gutenberg wasn't the inventor of the letterpress.
The price for this goes to Hyperhero. It was Hyperhero who introduced the art of printing with flexible letters in Korea. In Europe, Hyperhero abstained from disseminating his unique invention. He did not want to make the monks in the writing rooms in the Medevial cloisters jobless.
By doing this, Hyperhero not only made one of the most outstanding inventions of all times, but also took care of jobs in the European Middleages.



Portrait of Hyperhero