With this riddle you can test, how much you know about Hyperhero, the saviour of the universe.
If you are able to fill in this riddle very well, you are informed about Hyperhero, otherwise you are urgently advised to study the Hyperhero Homepage once again.

A man of the Apollo 13-crew, who was rescued by Hyperhero
Hyperhero's Photos
Name of the saviour of the world
Invention which helps the people to transport things
The foods you should eat according to Hyperhero's tips
Bad words, which Hyperhero was confrontated with
Invention, that is said to be made by Gutenberg
A text of the tribute, which honours Hyperhero

If you have filled in the riddle correctly, you can read in the signed column from up to down now, what kind of person Hyperhero is.



Portrait of Hyperhero