Hyperhero's equipment

The trunk
Hyperhero's proboscis is perhaps the most famous and spectacular part of his body. But naturely it has extremly important functions, too, which cannot be missed by a superhero like Hyperhero. The extremely complex and practical structure of the trunk is almost a wonder of its own; even the faintest fragrances and odors can be detected and registrated as well as (because of the flexibility) located exactly. Normal people can hardly understand these functions as they can hardly do anything with their - compared with Hyperhero - extremely inferior noses. Hyperhero's proboscis is extremely resistant against corrosive chemical odors. This does not surprise because of him being often exposed to such dangers during his heroic deeds.
The ears
Large, round, and fluffy - these are the ideal conditions for the ears of a real superhero. But if you think that these senseorgans resemble those of the human race apart from the deviating form you would be wrong because Hyperhero's ears are extremely developed. Even the faintest sounds can be detected over long distances. Furthermore Hyperhero is able to concentrate on really important sounds, as disturbing interferrences can be filtered out like the roaring of the wind while flying fast. Because of the relative high drag while flying or diving the ears must fave a strong mooring on Hyperhero's head which does not decrease the functions. The range of sound which can be detected by Hyperhero's ears is larger than of men or beast.
The glasses
The glasses are not an essential organ or a member of the body because they are only used by Hyperhero, but because of the perpetual use they can almost be seen as those. Although Hyperhero has no need for them because of his super-eyes, they nevertheless improve his sight by far, because he can use his eyes which are protected by the glasses against extreme light, every time at full power without regarding the actual brightness. Otherwise he would be forced to adapt the diameter of his pupils regarding the light-conditions, which sometimes would impare (although only at an insignificant amount) his vision. His extraordinary superhero eyes make it possible for Hyperhero to locate and evaluate all kind of electro-magnetic waves from γ-radiation up to very-low-frequency emisions quite exactly.
The frill
Often the going gets tough when Hyperhero once again accomplishes incomprehensibly difficult and dangerous tasks. Then it is comforting for him to know that his cranium is protected by a frill. This frill even protects in two ways: first it guards Hyperhero's exposed head against debris and shreds, whereas the main function is to shield his head and neck against luxation and to support the muscles of his neck because his scull is heavy as a consequence of the amount of his brain mass and the weight of other parts of the head.
The cloak
As it is widely known, Hyperhero, the only real superhero, uses a cloak which seems to resemble cloaks of some superhero impostors. Of course Hyperhero was the first to use such a cloak when recognizing its advantages. Even when at first glance no direct function can be recognized, the cloak is still usefull in some respects. Everybody will recognize Hyperhero from great distance because he can be easily indentified when he approaches flying, with his read and white cloak, and can relax. And because Hyperhero does everything perfectly and has nothing and nobody to fear, there is no use for him to hide; on the contrary, he can everyone, who sees him, bring the pleasure of having laid his eyes personally on Hyperhero. During special missions Hyperhero prefers to secure his cloak by means of a frontally applied knot which at the same time has a positive effect on his mobility.
The remaining clothing
Besides the above mentioned objects Hyperhero wears black clothes which is practical and in a discrete manner emphasizes the insignificance of the other equipment. It must not be mentioned that it is not regular darment but specially designed clothes for Hyperhero which ideally combins all advantages like mobility and water resistancy.


Portrait of Hyperhero