Hyperhero in the media

The media, of course, as e.g. press, TV and radio regularly report about Hyperhero and his heroic deeds. Here, the most important media-reports about Hyperhero are listed:

Micky Maus-Magazin

Article from Micky Maus-Magazin In Micky Maus-Magazin for Germany, Austria and Switzerland No. 48 of 23 November 2000 there is a report about Hyperhero on page 43:
[Translation of this report into English:]
Planet of the Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs are not extinct. For creating a habitat for the mammals, they have been resettled to another planet by HYPERHERO (greatest superhero of the universe). While HYPERHERO was busy with the resettlement, he could not at the same time protect the world from meteorites and therefore it came to a meteorite impact.


NBC EUROPE In the TV show Giga on NBC Europe, Hyperhero and his homepage was honoured on 11 April 2000.

Stadtradio Göttingen

In his radio show called "Das Sprachlabor" ("The Language Laboratory"), Dr. Dieter Porth on 20 December 2002 from 15:00 to 16:00 UTC mentioned Hyperhero and recited the Hyperhero Poem (in German).



Portrait of Hyperhero