The Demise of the Dinosaurs

In General

For 150 million years, the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

The Demise

65 million years ago, the dinosaurs suddenly were mysteriously wiped off the face of the earth. The cause of their extinction is widely unknown.

False Doctrines

Impact of an asteroid, changes in the climate, attack from outer space, food shortage, scarcity of minerals, egg shells too thin, egg-guzzling mammals, nova of a neighborhing star, poisoning by poisonous plants, imballance of herbivores and carnivores are just a few of the theories used by certain pompous asses and pseudo-scientists to set up ridiculous theories about the cause of the vanishing dinosoars. They all have on thing in common: They are wrong.

The Truth

The only reason for the vanishing of the dinosaurs is Hyperhero, the saviour of mankind.
The fact that enormous dinosaurs ruled the world impeded the spreading of the mammals and in the consequence the development of mankind. Hyperhero seeing himself as guardian of mankind considered it his noble office to free the world from these terrible monsters. Naturally Hyperhero by means of his unbelieveable power could have slaughtered each and every dinosaur personally, but this rather primitive solution would have been far below his level. Therefore Hyperhero decided to build a large spaceship by means of which he resettled all dinosaurs to another, up to this time uninhabitated planet in a most appropriate manner. In this way Hyperhero by means of his supernatural intelligence found a solution, which was accetable for the dinosaurs as well as the mammals.

The impact of a meteorite

Some scientists have realized that a large asteroide had crashed into the earth at the time when the dinosaurs vanished. This impact is concidered by simple-minded persons as the cause of the vanishing of dinosaurs. In reality it was not the cause but the result.
This can be easily explained:
Outer space is full of asteroides. Therefore earth would normally relatively often be hit by such meteorites. Usually Hyperhero manages to avoid this to save the world from possible negative effects.
But 65 million years ago, Hyperhero was busy with the resettlement of the dinosaurs and therefore visited the other planet. Therefore he couldn't take care of the meteorite this time and the impact ocurred which Hyperhero usually would have prevented.


The dinosaurs are not extinct, but they were 65 million years ago resettled to another planet by Hyperhero to create a habitat for mammals. The descendants of the resettled dinosaurs are living up today. While Hyperhero was busy with the resettlement, he could not at the same time protect the earth from meteorites and therefore it came to the impact.
You have seen that this enigma which is widely debated by researchers can be logically and easily explained in a most natural and obvious manner.


Portrait of Hyperhero